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                              Hi, I'm Michéle!

I'm excited to connect with you and help you grow, both personally and professionally. Join me on retreats, trainings, and community events that explore the interplay of the inner world and outer living. Together, we'll practice engaged mindfulness, collaborations with nature, fun experiential learning activities, creative reflection, and make many peaceful pauses.

Welcome to the journey where you weave the tapestry of social and emotional wellbeing with inner trust, and meaningful connections.

                          Your journey awaits!

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collaborative connections with
inner wisdom, nature, movement, & play
Michele Quesenberry

Michéle's Approach

Michéle engages you in direct experience for social and emotional wellbeing inside and out. She facilitates with a presence and wonder which collaborates with your inner resources and natural world.  Her style supports genuine Self-compassion and courage to emerge from within.  The journey is grounded in experiential learning, nature-based practices and Internal Family Systems (IFS).  

Her approach is authentic, relational, and holistic.  She integrates breath, body, movement and sound, respects inner wisdom and welcomes common humanity without judgment.  She is well-informed...



Seasoned facilitator with over 20 years experience helping groups and individuals.

Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner, licensed and certified coach and workshop leader.  ​

What Michéle's Clients Say...

Cheryl, Brownsville, NJ

“Michele is a genuine individual with genuine care and concern.  She coached me through some very tough times and always let me know that whatever I was feeling was okay.  She provided a safe place for me to see, feel, and release my own fears and illusions.  She gave me what I needed to reawaken and become my True Self.”


Working with Michéle presents an opportunity for profound self-understanding, compassion, growth, and healing.  Groups and individuals transform in ways that are meaningful for them. Awareness expands, connection with nature, oneself and others strengthen, wisdom and creativity emerge.  


Call, e-mail or join the e-mail list for upcoming events!

Wellness Coach
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