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Michele Quesenberry

Meet Michéle 

The teacher is of course an artist, but being an artist does not mean that he or she can make the profile, shape the students.  What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.
Paulo Friere

Michéle's Approach

Michéle engages you in direct experience for social and emotional wellbeing inside and out. She facilitates with a presence and wonder which collaborates with your inner resources and natural world.  Her style supports genuine Self-compassion and courage to emerge from within.  The journey is grounded in experiential learning, nature-based practices and Internal Family Systems (IFS).  

Her approach is authentic, relational, and holistic.  She integrates breath, body, movement and sound, respects inner wisdom and welcomes common humanity without judgment.  She is well-informed of the impact life experience has on an individual, and the adaptations humans make for survival and belonging needs.  The interconnectedness of the inner world (thinking mind, visual mind, physical body, emotions) and external world are meant to be interdependent.  A conscious and caring relationship with oneself is vital to apply authentic personal change in the world and to sustain wellbeing.


Michéle's personal healing journey and life transformation combined with formal education and professional training are the foundation for her holistic sense of self.  She  has an open, non-judgmental heart and courageously compassionate presence.  She is highly regarded as genuine with remarkable perception. 

Michele Quesenberry

Facilitator Highlights

With over 20 years of hands-on experience Michéle mindfully develops and facilitates transformational experiences for groups and individuals founded in the proven methods of experiential learning, Self-leadership and Self-compassion.  She believes meaningful growth and connection with oneself, others and nature comes from direct experience and should be accessible to everyone.  Each and every human has the capacity and inner wisdom to grow and heal in a way that works for them, regardless of past experience and/or limitations (real or perceived).  Her personal life transformation inspired her strength as an engaged listener with authenticity and collaboration in the healing process. 

 Her practice serves a wide range of communities, offering tailored programs, retreats and workshops that meet each individual's needs.


Group Facilitator

1995-Current Day

Develop and facilitate experiential programs to meet client needs for various purpose and populations (all integrate IFS since 2010):

  • short workshops to multi-day events

  • Groups of 4 to 250+ participants, including coordinating and directing multiple facilitators

  • Professional trainings, personal transformation, retreats, workshops, community building, team building, challenge courses, organizational development, board meetings, volunteerism etc

  • Clients are healthcare professionals, facilitators, first responders, corporations, non-profits, dignitaries, volunteers, employees, teachers, students, youth-at-risk, and people affected by trauma, addiction, incarceration, and disabilities.

Dick Schwartz, IFS

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

2008-Current Day

  • Certified IFS Practitioner (Level 3)

  • Facilitate and teach IFS in private practice with individuals and groups

  • Developed Nature-based IFS workshops and training for therapists and practitioners

  • Program Assistant to Dick Schwartz, Pam Krause, Chris Burris, Mary Kruger, Kathy Cox, & Jory Agate

  • Continuous learning with numerous personal and professional workshops, retreats, trainings and consult groups


Courageous Self-Compassion

2018-Current Day

This women's group was created at the request of Judge Chandlee for the women in the Calvert County Adult Treatment Court program: Breaking the Cycle of Addition.  The initial 8-week trial (2018) was met with great resistance as participants are court ordered to attend.  This weekly women's group now continues at the request and free-will of the court program graduates who welcome and warm court-ordered attendees.  The focus is based on relationship with oneself from a curious and compassionate place with self-acceptance and courageous response-ability.


Internal Family Systems

Clare's Program

2019-Current Day

Co-founder, practitioner and facilitator to a community oriented, healing centered approach for women In recovery of addiction, and/or developmental trauma.  Participants engage in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Neuro-feedback, 1-to-1 coaching, and IFS groups as the foundation to increase mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.


Farming 4 Hunger


Developed and implemented an IFS-experiential learning  program for men who were incarcerated, which expanded to large community building events. 

In collaboration with Farming 4 Hunger the program evolved with a multi-dimensional approach which utilized lived experience in the justice system as peer support to increase resiliency to adversity for youth and reduced recidivism rates for adult men.  

Heal Your Life

Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, Life Coach and Teacher-Teacher (TT)


TT 2014-2015

Facilitated weekly and weekend workshops, and 5-day trainings to certify workshop leaders based on the transformational methods of Louise Hay; learning to love yourself, mind-body connection, inner child work, mirror work, releasing old emotions, forgiveness, and creating self-talk.  Authorized by Hay House, Inc. 

Training & Education


• Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner (Level 3)

• Certified Holistic Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach

• Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher, Life Coach and Teacher-Teacher

Certified Challenge Course and Team-building Facilitator with advanced trainings

•  Certified Intentional Peer Support Trainer

• Chakra Yoga
• Trul Kohr Tibetan Yoga

• Movements of Grace

• Certified Healing Breathwork Practitioner

• Mindful Self-compassion Teacher

MS Experiential Education, Focus in Nature-based Therapies, Minnesota State University

BA, Human Development breadth Recreational Therapy, Prescott College

Recreation, Leadership, and Programming, Catonsville Community College

AS in Music and Video Business AIFL

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