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Retreats & Workshops

Deepen your connection with yourself, others, and nature through our carefully curated retreat experiences. Explore the dynamic interplay of mind, body, and emotions to embody your authentic self in the world. Expand presence and trust with your inner resources and capabilities. Our retreats are infused with Internal Family Systems (IFS), nature-based therapies, creativity, and play. Together, we cultivate social and emotional well-being for greater authenticity and resilience.

Private Retreats with Custom Facilitation

Michéle collaborates with you to design unique experiences for your group to grow in ways that are valuable  individually and collectively.  Her creative, curious, and dependable approach combined with expert framing, sequencing and de-briefing skills inspire: 

  • Authentic reflection & connection

  • Deep understanding of oneself and relationship dynamics

  • Personal growth & exploration

  • Team/community growth & exploration

  • taking healthy risk, breaking through barriers, and celebrating success

  • apply learning to life

  • creativity, recreation & fun!


  • Team Development 

  • Social & Emotional Connection, Restoration & Wellbeing

  • Growth & Transformation

The Art of Facilitating

Elevate your group leadership capabilities and make a lasting impact. Learn to facilitate experiential learning grounded in Self-leadership and nature-based therapies. Skillfully engage groups in direct experience and meaningful reflection, fostering personal growth and development. Understand group energy, the power of sequencing and how to generate social and emotional connection inside and out. Take home a toolkit of diverse activities designed to promote access to Self-energy and deepening relationship with the inner world, others, and nature.

I wanna go!  Let me know when new events are posted!
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